Lampros Antonopoulos

The Producer


Below I give you a brief picture of our effort, which started only in 2016 and one
a vision that for many years has been cultivated and is becoming a reality today. As you will see
very quickly, it is divided into three important stages.

Management, Processing, Packaging.

The management of our olive groves, which extend in the mountainous and semi-mountainous territory of Ilia
were selected according to their geographical indication and the microclimate of the area. They are scattered
fragmented estates starting from 4 to 20 acres at the most. In total they are 130
acres with 3300 olive roots, 10 to 150 years old!

The local varieties that I cultivate are Koroneiki, Kolyreiki, Botsikolia and
famous Nemoutiana PGI Olympia. In our effort to find the specific varieties
we took over abandoned olive groves that for a number of years withered. Which did not discourage us
instead it woke us up, seeing them today as productive as ever. So
by upgrading our environment we also upgraded our place. So far we package the
Koroneiki variety.
Our passion for the countryside, our love for this blessed tree is aimed at a management
which starts mainly from the olive groves (pruning, fertilization, harvesting) and ends at the storage that
carried out in privately owned premises in stainless steel tanks.
An important role, we gave to the processing of the fruit carried out in (small type
olive mill) which I employ from the beginning of November to the middle of December for our production.
If the management of the olive grove is 40% of the final result, the same is important
processing process. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right olive mill. It is wide
It is known that small family olive mills also produce quality olive oil.
Finally, the standardization and packaging of the final product should not be considered a negligible quantity
and let it occupy 20% of our goal. We have chosen the safest materials and everything comes with it
from the corresponding manufacturing certifications. The whole process takes place in state-of-the-art
certified machinery and specialized personnel. It could not be done otherwise, since the
name combined with quality and organization. Inextricably linked to our effort, it comes in
you with the name Eutropia

 (the well prepared)= Eutropia

Producer of Eutropia | Greek Extra Virgin | Olive Oil  🌿

Xirochóri Zacháros


Enjoy Our Lavish Olive Oils!

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