New Harvest

As the leaves begin to change and the crisp autumn air sets in, we eagerly anticipate the start of a new harvest season. This year, we are proud to present our latest collection of premium extra virgin olive oils, freshly pressed from the bountiful groves of our family-owned orchards in the heart of western Greece.

Our dedicated team of skilled farmers and artisans have worked tirelessly to ensure that each and every olive is hand-picked at the perfect moment of ripeness, resulting in an exceptional and flavorful oil that embodies the essence of our land.

From the bright and fruity notes of our Koroneiki variety to the bold and robust flavor of our Mpotsikoelia and PGI Olympia varieties, our new harvest collection offers a diverse range of distinct flavors to satisfy every palate.

At our core, we believe that quality is paramount, and we are committed to producing only the finest extra virgin olive oils using sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Each bottle is a true representation of our passion and dedication to our craft.

As you savor the rich and complex flavors of our new harvest collection, we invite you to join us on a journey through the lush and verdant landscapes of western Greece, where the land and the sea meet to create a truly exceptional culinary experience.

Experience the taste of tradition and indulge in the richness of our new harvest collection.

We take pride in our olive oil and are excited to share the flavors of our new harvest with you. Visit our website to place an order and experience the freshness and quality of our extra virgin olive oil for yourself.

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