The varieties we cultivate are four with three of them being local varieties and two of them being rare. In total there are 4,500 olive trees with most of them being Koroneika (3,300) aged 5 to 100. They are located in the area of Zacharo, Xirochori, Smerna, Vrina, Lastaika and Leventochori. Of course we are talking about the Queen of olive oil known in all regions of Greece. It is a small-fruited variety that produces excellent olive oil. It stands out for the intense fruity aroma that characterizes it and the medium to intense spicy in taste.

Then, we cultivate the Kolyreiki variety with (800) olive trees in the area of Kolliri from where it got its name. It is a special local variety that thanks to it was given the designation (Protected Geographical Indication) PGI Olympia in the wider area. It is a two-way mesocarp variety. It produces olive oil of excellent quality and has strong aromas reminiscent of herbs and bitter greens. Its taste is balanced between bitter and spicy.

The favorite variety is Botsikoelia, it is a rare local variety that we have the pleasure of cultivating in the area of Salmoni. We have 400 olive trees from 20 to 80 years old and an effort is being made to increase this special variety. It produces excellent quality olive oil and belongs to the medium-fruited varieties. What sets it apart is the balance of bitter and spicy in taste. As far as perfumes are concerned, one encounters a dissimilar harmony of fresh herbs and artichoke aromas.

For the end, we left Nemoutiana, it is a local variety of centuries-old olive trees that we cultivate in Lala, Ilia. We have 300 olive trees of at least 260 years old. Recently it was named Olympia variety since there was no recorded in the national olive register.It produces higher category olive oil and belongs to the small-fruited varieties. What distinguishes it as a variety is the highest phenol content ever recorded in Greece such as oleocanthal.It stands out for the complexity of its aromas such as wild herbs, tomato, artichoke. In terms of taste, it has a strong element of bitterness and a moderate to intense sense of spicy.

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